Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breakfast at the Gas Station now?

I'm a commuter. I travel about 45 km every day from home to work and from work back to home, this requires a lot of gas in my car and me not waking up in time to make breakfast at home.

What do you do in this case?

Well, Candian Tire came up with an idea and combined a gas station, a mini-grocery store (Sobey's Express), Starbucks and a cafeteria/convenience store and called the whole thing Q.

Avoid the heat-lamp ready egg sandwiches. They're kind of like an Egg McMuffin, but entirely lacking in moisture and flavour.

If you head a little farther over to their cafeteria type counter, you'll see a variety of breakfast options that are served from very early in the morning to very late in the morning. There were various options - omelettes, eggs, etc. I had scrambled eggs, bacon, homefries and toast. Certainly not the $1 Ikea breakfast but not too off at about $4. Coffee's extra - but I guess that's whythere's a Starbucks in the same building.

It's not the best breakfast I've ever had in my life, but certainly not bad for the money - and extremly convenient too. When you need gas, breakfast, your morning coffee and some items from the grocery store you can do it all in place at the corner of Dixie and Eglinton at the Q.

Oh, and they have this awesome slushee machine thing that you can make a Yak out of. What's a Yak? Well, a Yak is a slushy with soft-serve ice cream in it.

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