Thursday, August 9, 2007

Breakfast at Ikea?

Breakfast and furniture shopping?? It must be the new fad. Ikea has a reputation of simple, quality products that are cost effective and their breakfast menu is no exception. The North York Ikea (located at Leslie St and Sheppard Ave) is the closest of their stores to my work place where you can show up at around 9:30 in the morning to get yourself breakfast for $1.

yes - one stinking canadian dollar (plus tax of course).

And one dollar will get you quite a bit. a good sized portion of scrambled eggs, two sausages and a heap of home fries - it's that simple. you line up, grab a tray and take a plate. If you want, you can add 2 large pancakes for another dollar and a cup of coffee for a third dollar which essentially means you can get a breakfast that's hard to finish because of all the food for less than four dollars with tax included. The food is decent - it's no five-star restaurant and it doesn't pretend to be, but if you live in the general area of an Ikea and are the type that would normally hit a McDonald's or Tim Horton's drive-thru - hit up the Ikea instead. Sit down and have a good sized breakfast for the cost of the change that's jingling around in your pocket.

Then you can wander through the store and buy that sofa you always wanted because you've saved SO MUCH money on breakfast.

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